The solution is to open a reseller account. Reseller accounts were created to permit internet designers to supply hosting services to their customers, to make a one-stop-shop for all their internet style and hosting desires. However, you do not ought to be a reseller to shop for a reseller hosting arrange. Reseller accounts square measure typically slightly dearer than regular hosting accounts, however they're going to enable you to host totally different domain names while not acquisition within the add-on domain fees, creating a lot of economical use of your house and information measure. You want to decide on a reseller account that offers: no limit to the quantity of domains you'll add. the possibility of hosting your main web site free, while not mistreatment any of the house and information measure in your hosting arrange. If you're a reseller, your main web site are going to be your business web site, and therefore the house and information measure are going to be reserved for your customers. If you're not a reseller and simply wish to manage totally different websites, you'll designate one amongst your domains as your main web site (usually the biggest and/or preferred, since you will not accrue any house or information measure for it). the possibility of upgrading to a different arrange with none penalties or fees. To find out what quantity house and information measure you may want, initial confirm what number sites you're doubtless to host, what number pages every web site might have, and the way several visits can those sites presumably have. If you propose to host ten sites with twenty pages every, at a mean of 50KB per page and one hundred page views per web site per day, you may want one0MB of house (10 x twenty x 50KB) and 1.5GB of information measure per month (10 x one hundred x 50KB x 30). As way as rating thinks about, there square measure reseller accounts cost accounting as very little as $10 / month up to many a whole bunch (or even thousands). It all depends on your needs and therefore the hosting company you select, therefore go searching to urge the simplest potential deal in terms of price and responsibility. Virtual internet Hosting - what's Virtual internet Hosting? if your site has outgrown its shared hosting resolution, it's going to be time to maneuver it to virtual hosting, that is usually seen as an occasional price different to obtaining your own dedicated server. A virtual server offers you most of the benefits of a fanatical server at a fraction of the value. the online hosting service takes advantage of the very fact that few tiny to mid-size websites want the complete resources of a machine and puts many websites on identical server. But, you are thinking, that seems like the shared hosting arrange i am mistreatment currently. what is the distinction, and why do I pay a lot of for a virtual server? While there square measure some similarities, there are marked variations between shared internet hosting and virtual server hosting. whereas an internet hosting company puts multiple accounts on identical server in each sorts of hosting, the resources of the machine square measure portioned out otherwise. On a shared hosting server, usually the most cost effective quite internet hosting obtainable, all the server resources move into a standard pot. If one account gets 'greedy' and scoops out quite its share of CPU time, as an example, each account on the server is affected. When you are on a virtual hosting account, that cannot happen. All the resources of the server square measure portioned out and assigned to every account within the amounts that they are allowed to use. instead of each site reaching into a standard pool and grabbing what they have, each is handed a 'bowl' of CPU, server house and traffic. once they use it all up, they cannot simply grab a lot of. In addition, every site is ready up with its own software associate degreed assigned an isolated section of the disk that is become independent from alternative websites on identical disk. In some cases, every might even have their own disk drive on the server. If one thing crashes one site on the host server, it does not have an effect on the other site. Having your own software conjointly implies that you'll create changes to that that you just might not be allowed to form on a shared server. this permits you to customise the method your site behaves nearly as if you were on one dedicated machine without fear regarding poignant alternative customers on identical machine. to travel back to our bowl of soup analogy, if your round the corner virtual neighbor decides to feature additional salt to his bowl, your site guests are not cursed with over-salted soup. Prices for a virtual server vary from regarding $35 a month to $99 a month and up. Your own dedicated server can run many hundred greenbacks a month, reckoning on the choices that you just opt for for it. Overall, it's a wonderful internet hosting alternative for a small-to-mid-size site that desires a lot of flexibility than shared server hosting permits while not overstretching their budget.