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 If you are looking for the best value for money when it comes to web hosting then there is no doubt that.  host winds  solution is the choice for you. The hosting packages offered by this company are perfect for small and medium size website.

Many business owners are now switching over to host wind to handle all their hosting needs. Therefore, if you want to know more about this company, its products and service and why you should sign up for it then read on.

Before we start on the features of .host winds products, we shall see how it came to existence. The company was started in the year 1999 and proclaimed itself to be number one since its incorporation. The quality of their services will speak for itself.

The objective of the company is to offer customers with excellent web hosting and domain name services. Alternatively, they strive to bring the control of the internet directly to their customers with innovative and latest products with high quality customer and technical support.

The first thing that comes to mind before purchasing any hosting package is of course pricing. Well with. host winds  solution you can rest assure that you will only save your investment.

The hosting plans starts as low as $3.95 per month, which means that no matter what your budget is, you can afford to invest in their packages. Sounds to be good doesn’t it, well these is more.

As a customer you will get unlimited bandwidth and unlimited number of e-mail accounts and this is just a starter pack. Additionally, if you require more domains then you can always purchase them in bulk, which will only save you more.

The services also include several apps like PERL, MYSQL, FTP, and SSH. Customers also have the option to choose Windows based server or Linux based server. With such attractive packages need we say more.

When it comes to customer service and support. host winds  does not lag behind.

You can get in touch with any form of medium be it telephone, e-mail, fax at given time 24/7. The company has put up a reference guide that is also available for customer on the company’s website for any information or clarification that they may have.

So should you go for. host winds then we say absolutely. It is definitely understood that why the company was given an award for the best top ten companies for hosting website.

Affordable pricing, reliability, excellent customer responses are all the important factors that contribute towards the success of the company. Therefore, when you look for a hosting company than there is nothing more you require beside such service to put your complete trust into it.

2.Aplus Hosting

Many individuals who are well known with several web hosting companies must have heard about A plus hosting solution. This company has been around for about fifteen years and continues to gain success offering quality hosting services to customers.

Due to its presence in market for several years, the company has managed to upgrade to better services, better support for customers and add several features to their package. Although the company started in the year 1992 but it was not until 1995 that they began offering their services and now they have more then ten thousand client database.

Not only do A plus offers you web hosting solution but they also provide customers with web design and maintenance services. So this means that client can get all in one package as well. The company offers hosting solutions in all fields such as business, e-commerce, personal web hosting.

You will also get professional layout plan even if you don’t own an online store. With this many packages the company is definitely become a one stop shop for all your design and hosting service based upon your requirement.

For those looking for different account for e-mail and storage features you can always rely on Aplus. If you are a new buyer you will receive a free domain with your hosting package.

If for any reason you have any doubts about A plus hosting package, then you can always try the service for thirty days with full refund in case of non satisfaction. Although this happens rarely, it is only done to ensure the customers that are fully satisfied before making an inv


When it comes to up-time the company rate is almost close to 100% which however, does not include maintenance time. You can be absolutely sure about its reliability because they have safe servers and a very dependable data centers.

Most hosting companies often outsource their technical support outside their region. However, with A plus you can be fully assured that all help and support are given from in-house this allows for speedy customer response, stability and above all reliability.

When you purchase a package from them you can rely that you are getting your monies worth and are dealing with highly trained experts and qualified staffs. Many customers are often frustrated when they don’t receive any professional help to attend to their needs, but with this company you can talk to their representative who knows how to solve your problems without much difficulty. In case if you need help with the control panel they will guide you in every step.

So, if you are looking for all in one hosting company which includes professionally designed websites and maintenance then this company is definitely your one stop shop for business or personal design and hosting needs


he web hosting company of Blue Host started their operation in the year 1996 and is located at Utah in USA. The company has become an important web site provider in the realm of hosting companies working in the market.

Blue Host has already established itself as one of the important and successful organization catering to the multifarious needs and requirements of the innumerable customers around the world.

As an important service provider they offer all kinds of specialized services to all their web users. Blue Host serves to almost all levels of web users particularly to individuals or personal, small to medium sized business groups and offers a single hosting plan unlike others. The company utilizes Linux based web servers and uses C panel as the controller.

Blue Host can take credit for the quality of services they deliver to their customers at a lower rate compared to their competitors. Not only that Blue Host offers varieties of services like unlimited disk storage, unlimited bandwidth and various add-on domains besides other facilities.

The organization offers their much improved and customer friendly services not only at a cheaper rate but also their trained and expert technicians are available to take your complaints and accordingly act.

Blue Host provides amongst others the following hosting services like maximum guaranteed uptime, secure and reliable back up, quality equipments besides giving topmost customer services. The company can certainly lay claim to the fact that they are a solid and honest business provider. It has been seen that are providing highest customer services in the market over the years.

Blue Host as a renowned service provider has already earned the distinction of being one of the most reliable company and constantly continues to upgrade the facilities offered to the customers further in the coming days. Even they can boast of their improved relationships that they maintain with their millions of users thereby developing a healthy and fruitful mutual benefits.

Their experts are always on their toes to attend and solve your problem at the earliest so that as a customer you face minimum hassles and consequently minimum downtime of your vital web site. All these are made possible because of their competent technical and courteous staffs extending their competencies to make customers happy.

The Blue Host Company has the latest and of course the most modern technology available with them which is certainly an added advantage for the company.

The Blue Host have their own data center, builds their own servers, own nationwide optic fiber network and also builds their own custom Linux kernel which gives the company an added advantage compared to others in their category. Because the company handles  every aspect of hosting themselves  they are definitely at a far more advantageous position to tackle any problem concerning the web user.

4.Green Geeks

Green Geeks is another company founded by Trey Gardener in addition to Site Cloud. As the name implies the company’s main objective is to focus on clear energy efficient hosting services.

Although being a fairly new company, the owner has about ten years of experience in the hosting industries. His expertise has led the organization to become one of the top levels in eco friendly web hosting services. There are several factors and services attached to the web hosting facility offered by the company.

There is one fact for sure when you purchase the Green Geeks hosting package and that is the true value for your money that you shall receive. The service starts at less than five dollars for each month.

One of the popular hosting packages that you can opt for is the Eco Site plan, which is equipped with several characteristics that you can hardly imagine.

Services that you will receive with the hosting package are unlimited space on the web, unlimited transfer of data and email accounts, forwarders, auto responders, unlimited MySQL databases and the capacity to host as many numbers of domain on a single package.

With so much under five dollars it is definitely an opportunity you should not miss. The services doesn’t end here, when you purchase one of their hosting account you will also receive their drag and drop website builder with templates along with a script installer called the Softaculous, which is capable of installing more than hundred plus scripts on just a single click.

Let us look into some of the advantages and disadvantages of the Green Geeks hosting services. As a hosting company, it also offers its customers and clients with services to host small to medium size website.

Notable features such as unlimited storage and bandwidth, ecommerce facility and single click web application installation supported by Fantastico.  User can also have the services of backing up their data on the company’s servers.

Although the services of this hosting company are very reliable yet, it has its flaws. Because being new to the market the company’s stability is in question yet many feel that under the leadership of Trey Gardener the company has the possibility to achieve great heights in the market of web hosting.

In conclusion, those who wish to try Green Geeks hosting services without any hesitation and if you are one of many who are concerned about the environment then this company is a go.

Well in case if you are not satisfied with the service then of course there is thirty day full money back guarantee offer by the company. Green Geeks customer support is also available to clients 24/7 for any type of assistance and can be received via any form of communication medium.

5.In motion Hosting

InMotion has been in the business of providing web hosting services since the year 2001. Like others, this company also offers a wide array of website hosting services to its customers. These services include a dedicated server space, shared server and VPS.

The overall rating of this company services is not too bad in regards to its features, support, cost, reliability and for this reason many clients have recommended the use of the company’s hosting services.

Those who are already attached to In Motion, say that the services of this company are absolutely fantastic and stable. So, what does the company have that makes it such a great web host provider. First of all the services are unbelievable fast and quite reliable.

The average up-time of service stands at about 99.8%. Secondly, there are several hosting options including personal, business VPS hosting which are all quite reasonable as compared to the prices of certain web hosting providers.

This package is ideal for small start-up business, which can be upgraded to higher package as and when required with the growth of business. This is very much beneficial for web masters who need not have to change host providers as and when upgrading to higher level.

Another point worth noticing in In Motion hosting is that it allows users to choose their hosting location. For those hosting it close to the data centre, e-mall and website can run at an unimaginable speed. This feature is called Max Speed Zone Option.

Additionally, those interested in the hosting services can try it before buying it for ninety days. Yes it is true! You can try the service for web hosting 90 days absolutely before even you decide to buy it.

Although with such superb and fascinating hosting services, In Motion has its drawbacks, which is pricing. You need to be ready to dish-out a higher price in order to receive the supreme quality of this hosting service.

Moreover, you cannot implement another domain or MYSQL database in a single hosting package. However, if you want quality service then you should not bother or think twice about the price.

So, is In Motion recommended? Well we can say yes, if you are a business owner or have a big website then you can definitely opt for this service. With its multiple data centers, ninety day trial, excellent customer support and high quality makes this hosting services perfect for business owners.

If you don’t mind the price, and are in search of website host that can bear huge load of traffic then this company should be your choice. But what can we say, you need to experience the power of its hosting service before you can believe what we have mentioned here.

6.Host Gator

Amongst the world’s top leading web hosting companies which are providing hosting services to their valued customers around the globe the HostGator is a name to be reckoned with. This company was established in the year 2002 but has positioned itself already in the top ten largest web service providers.

Their head office situated in Houston, Texas in USA and has over the years established their credentials amongst the vast range of customers all around the world. The HostGator can boast of having more than 600 employees and serving customers of more than 200 countries with pride.

Their hands on experience in providing customized web services online have attracted the attention of different categories of valued customers to go in for their topnotch services. Not only that they have other categories of services to offer to their valued customers.

HostGator provides other customized services like Shared, VPS, Dedicated and Reseller server packages to meet the demanding nature of the various types for both beginners as well as professionals besides others who are looking for similar ones.

HostGator can claim to provide the best of demanding services to all their worldwide customers whenever required from any corner of the world through their trained professional and experienced staffs. The company has already recruited more than 5,000,000 hosted domains.

HostGator are considered to be the top most service providers amongst almost all categories of people like individuals or personal, business and even hosted Fortune 500 companies and are preferred by them.

The HostGator provides the customers with hosting web plans for all their services with 45 days money- back guarantee (if not satisfied), 24- hours service with 99.9% uptime guarantee along with other fascinating offers.

The HostGator hosting service offers various other associated services to their customers namely unlimited disk space and bandwidth, flexible and easy to use control panel, 4500 free website templates, free web site transfer, domain transfer, script transfer amongst others.

The company caters to the following important hosting services also in addition to the above already mentioned like FTP accounts, unlimited sub-domains, free site builder, E-Mail accounts, and site studio website building tools along with other important services for the benefit of users.

HostGator hosting offers the latest panel control type, password protected directories and custom error pages, various programming languages and a host of other important services all for the customers’ immense benefits.

The popularity that they have earned are a testimonial to their quality of customer services that they have already provided and the company is always on the look out to introduce latest technologies. The fantastic growth of their network over the years is a pointer to their success story in this competitive era.

7.Award Space

Award Space offers a no. of services to the customers like domain name registration, paid shared web hosting, free shared web hosting, hosting of virtual private servers and transfer of domain names.

The biggest advantage of web hosting with Award Space is that it offers free hosting to the beginners in the industry as well as those who want to try out the web hosting services prior to actually buying them. Considering all paid web-hosting services, the company is regarded as the best ever effective and free web-hosting service provider.

Award Space is popular amongst both who wish to hire paid web hosting services and those who are looking for free web hosting. The company is one of the many few web-hosting companies out there in the market that retains its commitment to excellence and offers what it promises.

Beginning from the year 2005, this company has been effortlessly providing free PHP web hosting that is included in its courtesy policy. In addition, the company is proud to be one of the best web hosting free and banner less service providers in the industry.

The company’s control panel looks similar to that of the cPanel and Plesk with a host of different icons and features such as PHP My Admin, MySQL database, FrontPage manager, email filters and spam email protection to name a few.

The signup process and the access are limited to certain nations and many PHP functions are disabled to avoid unauthorized access and unnecessary spamming. Many other important features are in the beta development phase, therefore are not yet available to the customers.

You cannot access mail from your account due to lack of SMTP. It also includes a word filter that tends to redirect all web pages that are offending to an error of ‘403 Forbidden’. The beginner level packages come at just $3.49 per month and have been specifically designed keeping in mind the people having personal websites.

At Award Space, the customers can be assured of hiring the services of an environment friendly web hosting service provider whose server and platforms run on wind power generated green energy. The electric power supply of its data center also comes through a certified electricity providing body, Stadtwerke Kiel AG.

Award Space web hosting packages are risk-free as they come with a 30-days full money back guarantee if at all you are not satisfied with the services purchased. With 99% uptime guarantee and a 24×7 support system, the company establishes itself amongst the topmost web hosting, VPS hosting and domain name providers.

The in-house interactive control panels take care of managing your websites and other web-enabled systems. The services offered are consistently touched up by new technology innovations and developments. The web hosting services and control panels have been so developed to deliver convenience to the clients more efficiently and quickly.


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